• No manual puzzling anymore, no loss of time.
  • Immediately the best combinations technologically feasible
  • Savings up to 10-15% on total production cost compared with the best manual result
  • 10% extra savings on material costs for uniform cases
  • Optimisation of the overall cost: material cost, printing cost, cutting cost, ...
  • Automatic splitting into multiple impositions, based on cost
  • Optimisation as a function of the packaging size


  • No material waste anymore: generates good filled impositions. Exploits the allowed (invoice able) surplus.
  • Automatic computation of the best printing workstyle, the lowest number of sheet passes, the lowest number of printing plates, selection of the best press. Detailed production description as result.
  • Production-machines, together with parameters and usage preferences have to be defined only once.

Cutting, die cutting and punching


  • Fast computation of the best quotes via the portal.
  • Detailed description for the prepress, the pressroom and the cutting process as output in XML-format. Simple interface for the prepress and the production.
  • Impositions may be modified easily in the prepress into equivalent variants, in order to take account of printing colour restrictions
  • Link with Multipress 

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