How to start?

The easiest way to start using the Portal, is by downloading the 2 CSV-files below (Comma Separated Values) on your computer. This may be done by right-clicking with your mouse on the links below. The first file contains the articles to be combined, the second one the paper-data.

Then go to the Portal, log in with your account-information received by Email, upload these 2 CSV-files in the appropriate fields and start a computation. After approximately 10 seconds you will receive the gangrun-results via Email.

In a next step, modify these 2 CSV-files with Microsoft Excel to define your own gangrun-probleem. The meaning of the columns of both CSV's is explained on the website under the tab "Portal" -> "Portal parameters" (or use the link below). Save the modified files again in CSV-format. Upload the modified CSV-files into the Portal, and you have started.

Portal parameters for these input-CSV-files