Combi-DG-engine in test

We developed a new Combi-DG-engine and are testing it now thoroughly. The Combi-DG-engine has following features:

  • multiple diecutting-forms may be defined, each containing multiple article-forms
  • currently, each imposition may contain only 1 diecutting-form
  • a maximum number of articles per article-form may be specified
  • a maximum number of colours per imposition may be specified
  • there are now also run-time-parameters. These are settings applicable only to the actual problem.
  • Optimisation is now also possible on "minimum not invoicable amount"

The Combi-DG-engine is according to the last tests, certainly as fast as the normal DG-engine.

The practical use of the Combi-DG-engine assumes 3 types of data now: the article-data, the paper-data and the run-time-parameters. Our Portal still has to be modified to take into account for this change.